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Types of locks everyone should have

Types of locks everyone should have

Keeping our home or business safe is always a priority. That includes installing the right type of locks fr your safety needs. Some locking mechanisms are build to keep specific parts of your home secure while some are build to prevent burglars from gaining access to your property.

In order to make the correct decision and choose the right locks to protect your property you should ask a professional locksmith technician to inspect your doors and locks. The technician will walk you through the thought process so that you can understand the logic behind it and take the steps needed to insure your safety.

Here are a few common lock types every home or business owner should know about:

Deadbolt Locks

A deadbolt is a locking mechanism that cannot be moved to opening position except by rotating the key. Deadbolt are pretty basic locks and they range in prices however, they are designed to prevent forced entry. Only a key that will match the lock can rotate the cylinder and unlock the door. If you would like to secure your doors even more, double and triple deadbolts are amiable us well. The stronger the deadbolt is, the safer your home will be from break-ins. Anther great advantage of deadbolt locks  from a professional perspective is that they rarely get damaged and can easily be fixed by a locksmith technician, they can also be easily re-keyed if the lock is in good condition and a key is stolen or lost.

Keyless Smart Locks

In the past few years we have experienced increase in technological advancements, locks have also evolved to smart locks and keyless systems that have different unique features. Depending on your safety needs, you can install a system that will connect to other smart devices and provide reports and even pictures op anyone who attempts to unlock the door, you can install a biometric system and allow entrance only to specific individuals, there are smart systems that will lock the door when detecting you left without locking and much more. These smart systems operate either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and can connect to multiple different smart devices from phones to tablets and even smart appliances. Just remember that a smart locking systems is an investment. You want to explore and find the best one for you needs as they can also have limitations such as battery life and weather resistance.

Sliding Door Locks

Almost in every house in the warm states there is a backdoor to the yard. If you do have a sliding door, french door or any other back exit, a lock is a must! In many of the older homes in our areas back doors don’t even have locks installed and the best thing is that these doors typically do not require heavy expensive locks but just simple locks that are made of latches that fit on the door’s frame to keep it steady so that no one could lift it of it’s track or open it. There are different sliding doors locks in today’s market ranging from simple latch locks, track locks to full bars that further barricade the sliding doors from unauthorized entry.

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