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Door lock buying guide – Learn from a Locksmith

Guide for buying a new lock for your home or business

Choosing the right lock for your home or business can be challenging without having prior knowledge of lock brands and security.

In this guide, you can learn from a professional locksmith that knows how each lock is designed and many years of experience performing this job. The purpose is to explain to you the differences between brands, grades, quality and security.

Lets start..

what does grade stand for?

There are 3 grades:

Grade 1 =  Heavy commercial duty  choose the right deadbolt lock for your home

Grade 2 = Light commercial duty

Grade 3 = Residential locks

The different between grade 1, 2 and 3 is in the quality of the product and security level.

Grade 1 and 2 usually have 6 pins in their lock cylinder While grade 3 only have 5 pins.

Next we will review the differences between deadbolt and doorknob / latch knob

The professional recommendation is to always install a deadbolt on all outside facing doors.

The reason is that a door knob is not as secure as a deadbolt. Deadbolts have an extra security layer that will slow down a bugler that is attempting to intrude. It’s true that it will not stop them from getting in, but it is definitely safer than door knobs. Doorknobs can be bypassed by shims and screw drivers or even a credit cards.


Now, what are a locksmith’s most recommended lock brands?

High security

1. Medeco (expensive but best for high level security)

2. Mul T Lock (costly, best when looking for high level security and quality)

Standard security

1. Schlage (Best lock when looking for security and price)

2. Yale (good quality. Some models are very Secure and some are less secure)

3. Emtek (very good quality! Medium security level)

4. Baldwin (smart key only)

5. Keikset (smart key only)

6. Defiant (Low cost)

High security locks: give you the comfort of knowing that no one can duplicate your keys with out a special card that comes with the lock. Additionally, this lock is designed to resist picking.

Standard security locks:

Schlage – Schlage security level is the highest standard for residential locks for reasonable price. It would be my number #1 Choose when it comes to security lock to go for, schlage deadbolts includes anti pick pins and an anti drill plate that insures your door security for a reasonable price. It is also a long lasting product with a high design quality and options.

Kwikset – My own personal recommendation would not be the Kwikset standard lock. However, I would recommend theIt smart key locks as they are pick and bump proof even though they are not fully drill protected.

Baldwin – Same as kwikset (it’s actually owned by kwikset) with better paint that lasts for a longer time.

Yale – Quality product that lasts many years. When it comes to the security level, some models are better than others.

Emtek – A beautiful product, high quality, but security wise, I would not recommend it.

Defiant – if you are looking for a chipper option, Defiant can be just that. The cost is about 10$, it is not the best quality but lately they have started to add security pins and anti drill plates. Definitely will not be my first choice but a good chip option.

Decided to go for smart locks? Which ones are right for your home?

The first and most important thing is to make sure that the smart lock you are buying comes with a key override option in case of a mechanical failure or dead batteries. In keyless locks, there are many differences; They can be operated by a finger print, a code or remote phone control.  guide to buy the right smart lock for your home security

When it comes to smart locks, my first choice is always Schlage.

Schlage encode. (Phone control hub free)

Schlage sense. (Phone control)

Schlage connect. (Keypad)

Schlage Camelot. (Keypad)

Yale has models with a touch Screen. (Keypad)

August. (Phone control)

Kwikset kevo. (Phone)

What about choosing a business lock?

Mortise lock:

Schlage, Mul T Lock, Medeco. The most important thing is to add a heavy duty security ring that surrounds the mortise lock to protect the lock from potential forced entry . Without the security ring, even the most secure business lock can be opened in less then 30 seconds with a plier.

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